About Me


 I am dedicated to mastering the art of quilting! Hand Applique is what I am known for, but I love all the traditions in quiltmaking!  My work features the colors of nature and treasured time spent in the garden. I learned at an early age to sew and embroider under the guidance of my mother and grandmother who cherish the needle arts.  I work many hand dyed fabrics into my applique, and love the effect of trapunto and embroidery in my designs. I am always learning new ways to capture life into my applique and improve my quilting skills.

Certified Quilt Judge


 Judging is a natural extension of my passion for quilting. I believe it is important to encourage and promote growth of quilting skills at all levels. I love the process of judging and giving positive feedback to entrants.  I hope that it  encourages entrants to improve their skills and exhibit their artwork. 

Quilting Services


Custom, one-of-a-kind designs and edge-to-edge solutions to finish your quilt with the love and care you expect from a Masterpiece Quilt Artist.